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Watch the mystic duo of Nature and SAVANA Curly wigs!

Well, we've gone the unexplored territories and put our heart to work to design these SAVANA Curly Wigs in lace front wig style. Every piece of these SAVANA Wigs are designed in the hands of our designer duo. Their blending is exquisite and gives a magical touch to our human hair wigs.

Hear from our expert crafts duo, SAVANA Chief Designers themselves,

The moment we decided to create one product range inspired by Nature, the first thing that came up was the texture discussion. After all, what else could it be than the real Afro American textured curly; what a looker it is!

But we want to achieve it using all natural methods with no perming or salon styling from Indian Hair. After plentiful attempts, we finally arrived at a method that could use normal steam combined with some masterful techniques(that's a secret!!) to create the magical curly. The most important aspect is to handpick the curliest of curls in raw hair from a specific topography in India and pass it through this method. This way we are just elevating the natural texture and making them more evident rather than changing the texture altogether.

We are glad that the texture has been achieved with the softness of the Indian Hair retained.

We made a lot of subtle changes to the usual lace front wig construction to provide an easy to use yet robust yet beautiful looking wig! Yes, these wigs are beautiful as is and they will not need a daunting effort from you to make it perfect looking on you. Just take them, wear them and clip them!! Bingo! the look is ready!

Above all, they are designer wigs, aren't they?

Chief Designer Duo,
SAVANA Product Range

PS: The wig density is maintained between 180% and 200% to give a more natural look. 4C curly is achieved by steaming handpicked Raw Indian Curly hair. Ventilated lace front area of the closure is 4x4. Two stainless clips in addition to the wig combs provide a more secure install.

  • Style: Lace Front Wigs - Closure wig unit
  • Lace Front Area - 4x4
  • Application: Hair Makeover, Protective Hairstyle
  • Composition: Indian Human Hair
  • Hair Origin: Temples, South India
  • Country of Production: India
  • Approximate density: 180 to 200%
  • Colour: Virgin Natural Brown
  • Product Range: 
                  • Our Closure wigs have exquisite and detailed workmanship. To be handled with extra care on the lace area.
                  • This being 4C curly, the texture is too strong. We request buyers to handle the hair with extra patience. Any minor tangles are not a defect but the nature of the hair texture. Gentle brushing when the hair is wet will detangle.
                  • Any Salon grade shampoos and conditioners can be used on our products. 
                  • Do gentle brushing. Brush the hair from bottom and gently move to the top.
                  • Pre-poo with coconut oil or any natural equivalent gives better results.
                  • Natural methods are more preferred for drying the hair - we suggest air drying rather than artificial heating methods. 
                  • This is a natural hair and so you may treat it with the same care as you do with your own hair.

                  All our products are in the purest natural form. The texture/colour/other inherent properties of hair may not be the same across the products. There could be a minor deviation and this is not a defect but a property of 100% natural human hair.

                  Running through fingers is not the right approach to test the quality of hair. Chemically treated hair with coatings can take the fingers easily. But real Indian Hair may have little shedding regardless of they being wefted or knitted or glued. In Fact, the hair that sheds post everyday combing of Indian Women is the biggest source of hair industry compared with the temple hair. 

                  We do not trim the ends and they are left natural. If you are particular about thicker ends or concerned about split ends, we suggest choosing an inch higher in your order.

                  Ships in 1 to 3 business days from the day of order placement.
                  • Flat Free shipping worldwide
                  Required to have a valid physical address for delivery - PO boxes not acceptable.
                  All the merchandise is shipped directly from our factory in India.
                  Our shipping partners include FedEx, DHL and UPS. A tracking number will be provided on shipment confirmation.
                  • Sustainable Women Powered Manufacturing
                  • 14 Day Easy Return

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                  An intriguing wander into nature with a thought of hair in our head! We came out with a heart full of (hair) ideas!

                  SAVANA product range from VAKA is a tribute to this very nature!


                  VAKA HAIR Highlights

                  "Eternal beauty of India awakens every soul”  The whole process of hair tonsure and the reason behind reckons this quote. Imagine a woman happily sacrificing her hair for Thy blessings. And most women seek the Lord’s blessings for their beloved’s wellbeing. It is a symbol of selfless devotion and sacrifice. And this very moment we decided to create our manufacturing unit in India. Today our employees are 100% women and 90% of them have children.

                  Our products are not only rich in cuticles but have abundant happiness from the donors which is amplified by our women powered factory.

                  This short movie of VAKA Hair is a tribute to all the women behind these beautiful products of ours!

                  A 21 DAY PROCESS

                  VAERI CRAFTIN is an innovative multi-staged manufacturing framed by VAERI for delivering consistent quality with no disturbance to the cuticle health and hair shaft.

                  And the result: Natural Luster restored to the strand level organically.


                  VAERI: VAKA Engineering Research & Implementation is an independent line of VAKA hair llc.


                  And it took 6 years of skill, patience, a passionate workforce and continuous improvements to create a defined hair extensions manufacturing process - VAERI CRAFTIN and make it work to the perfection.

                  Temple Hair Made for you

                  FROM THE DIVINE LAND

                  Manufactured at our factory in Kancheepuram, India. We take care of all the difficulties right from procurement to manufacturing to shipping.

                  Rest Assured

                  The only 'Authentic Indian Hair' brand in the United States with own factory in India.

                  Sustainable development for the betterment of communities and the environment is a way of life at VAKA.

                  With VAKA CARES, any product from us has below commitments,


                  Safe Work Environment

                  Strict prohibition of acids & harsh chemicals


                  Law Abiding Procurement

                  Hair sourced through legal temple auctions


                  Empowering Women

                  100% women powered factory


                  Ethical Remuneration

                  Best in industry wages and work timings


                  We are the first hair company in India to set,

                  8 work hours a day against 9 hours

                  5 working days a week against 6 days

                  Yet, our employee remuneration is the best in industry by a huge margin.


                  Made with passion for the passionate



                  Never know that the best quality Indian Hair bundle with closure can be bought at this price point. I was spending too much on not so good hair so far. Awaiting the launch of your front lace wigs!

                  Los Angeles, CA

                  I must say that I have already ordered so many times from companies highly reviewed on YouTube, only to be sent absolute j_ _k And this is simply because these companies send something nice to the influencers, and then send ru_ _ish to the ordinary clients. But VAKA you literally upgraded my hair game! The bounce the texture the colour.. Truly thee hair!

                  Atlanta, GA

                  THIS!!!! is what I neededdd ty ty ty tyyyy I'm looking so hard to find really good human hair companies and your hair look so gorgeous

                  Houston, TX

                  Recently viewed

                  VAKA Human Hair EXTENSIONS 101

                  What is Cuticle Rich Hair?

                  Every hair strand has transparent cuticle layers forming the outermost part of a hair strand protecting the hair shaft. The more healthy and intact the cuticles are, the more shiny and smooth the hair surface is; adding a beautiful luster to the hair. 

                  Looks to be simple; but the solution is difficult as a hair strands’ dia is .04 to .12 mm and a donor may have 120,000 to 150,000 hair strands. In comparison, a table salt grain / fine beach sand is 2X bigger than a hair strand. 

                  And so evolved VAERI CRAFTIN, a staged manufacturing technique framed by VAERI to deliver cuticle rich high quality Indian Hair in its purest natural form.

                  It takes 21 days for us to make ready to ship hair extensions from the RAW temple hair.

                  VAERI: VAKA Engineering Research & Implementation is an independent line of VAKA hair llc.

                  Can I swim / workout / play sport with my VAKA hair?

                  Absolutely! Our human hair wigs are made with passion for the passionate. We make sure they are 100% pure and natural yet comfortable for your daily usage. Made with selected temple hair of South India and the hair weave wefts on our wigs are constructed with VAKA breathable weft technology offering the best look, comfort and robustness.

                  Note: Since these are natural human hair, we advise to take necessary preparation as with any natural hair before swimming.

                  How frequent should I wash my my wig?

                  Since our wigs are absolutely natural, they behave like one. You may wash them as and when you need - Typically based on your usage and exposure to dirt.

                  Can I sleep with my VAKA Wigs?

                  Yes you can sleep with our human hair wigs - they are not acid treated and have no industrial chemical processing on them. General hair care routine before sleep such as wrapping, making sure the hair is dry, using a silk pillowcase and any such home methods would help.

                  What hair care products can I use on VAKA wigs?

                  Our hair products are 100% natural human hair extensions. And so any salon grade shampoos, conditioners and hair care products will do good.

                  Are these wigs shipped from India?

                  Yes, all our hair extensions including the wigs, bundles and lace closures are shipped direct from our factory in India.

                  Where is the hair in my VAKA wigs scoured from?

                  All our hair is sourced from the temples of South India through legal auctions approved by the respective state government of India. We do not source hair elsewhere.

                  What are breathable wefts?

                  VAKA Breathable wefts are multi layered wefts constructed with class 1 thread approved by OEKO TEX 100. With no glue, our wefts are as pure as our hair. They are breathable and do not damage your scalp. Comfortable yet robust wefts on a hair weave.

                  Who can wear VAKA human hair wigs? 

                  Anyone with a desire to wear a human hair wig! Our wigs are made from the finest Indian Temple hair with a manufacturing that does no disturbance to the hair properties. And so they can be used wherever the application demands one. It can be used for hairstyle make over, protective hairstyles and so on.

                  Customer Reviews

                  Based on 27 reviews Write a review


                  Human hair wigs offer a seamless look as they are made of real hair. The can be styled per need and can last much longer with proper care. Synthetic wigs on the other hand are cheap. And they cannot be customised/used for a longer duration.

                  If you are some one looking for a hair style makeover or a protective hair style, human hair wigs is the one. For one time fancy use, you may opt for synthetic wigs.

                  Full lace wigs provide complete coverage of the head with knitted lace area. Allowing multiple style choices with parting. But they are reluctant to a complete style makeover like texture or color customisation.

                  Lace front wigs are robust as they have wefts covering major part of the wig with knitted lace covering only necessary areas - they provide optimum coverage with lace. This ensures longetivity and it's easy to maintain. These wigs best suits everyday usage. Also with different type of lace front customisations, they can provide extravagant look or a mimimalist look depending on the choice.

                  Lace front wigs use knitted lace of different types - closure, frontal and 360 lace offering multiple style options for the buyers.

                  Closure wigs are mostly preferred for daily use and they are easy to maintain as the lace area is minimum.

                  Frontal wigs offer greater lace coverage from temple to temple. Mostly preferred for special occasions as they need little additional care.

                  360 wigs cover the entire head circumference with knitted lace offering a celebrity look. And they may need proper care to make sure the lace area is maintained properly.