Human hair bundles for sew in weave- Invention, Evolution and Sourcing Guide

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Ever wondered how did we invent human hair bundles? The whole construction of a hair bundle has been amazing and is known for its robust and long-lasting nature. Yet it is so flexible to take on various styles. In this blog we uncover the truth behind human hair bundles in a more detailed fashion, 

Understanding human hair bundles; the #1 choice of hair extensions

As we all know how versatile human hair bundles are and how good they are in adding volume & length to your natural hair for a hair style makeover. Whether it is sew in weave or the quick weave or DIY wigs or just ponytails; the human hair bundles have remained the number 1 choice of all hair stylists, salons and independent hair buyers in the United States, Europe and worldwide for continuous decades. Though we are graced by the hair bundle experience on our very own lives, little did we know about the history of hair bundles - How did they come into existence?



Wigs and Our Ancestors

Wigs have always been used in various civilisations of human history as a symbol of luxury. And we see the wigs have survived till today in our modern culture.  But hair bundles?? A very unique thought of stitching the head part as a weft and letting the tails as is one of an idea to overcome the adhesive based wigs application.

How did we land on such a unique construction of hair bundles from wigs? 

To understand more, we initiated a great expedition in India, the mother of hair industry to uncover the truth behind human hair bundles.

From where do we get so much raw hair for the human hair extensions manufacturing?

Indian subcontinent has always been blessed with huge natural resources and rich heritage. We know how the western world ran crazy behind the spices, cotton, silk and so on from this nation which ended up in a lot of new expeditions and discoveries of mankind. No surprise, the raw human hair again is contributed to the fashion world from this nation. South Indian women have the practice of tonsuring their hair at temples for their answered prayers / to be answered prayers. This is due to the fact that the Hindu deity Lord Murugan once tonsured his hair and proclaimed his luxury and sat on top of a hill with just a small piece of cloth tied around. He did this to understand the purpose of his life which was full of expeditions and wars that were fought with great valour. The hilltop is located in Tamil Nadu state of India near the western ghats which now hosts the famous temple for Lord Murugan. Since then, His devotees tonsure their hair as symbol of sacrifice to get their prayers answered. This practice has slowly spread to other major deities across South India. This practice has been followed so long here that no historian couldn’t date back when it all started. 


Indian hair and the western Beauty Industry

The hair collected post tonsure were not shipped out of India and it was mostly discarded. When the American and European fashion Industry flourished, they became a major consumer of this Indian hair tonsured at the temples of South India. Here again there was no practice of stitching the hair. We see a lot of independent traders exporting bulk hair from India. The bulk hair does not have any construction. Post tonsure, the raw hair collected from temple is washed, hackled and shipped out of India. Though the Indian expedition answered our queries regarding the human hair and beauty industry, we did not find many insights on the evolution of hair bundles.

So how did the hair bundles come into existence?

The sewing part of the bulk hair which gained popularity as hair weave remains still a mystery. There are multiple advancements across the globe which we perceive has collaged into the modern-day hair bundles. In early 1950s, Christina M Jenkins from Louisiana came out with a sewing technique where the bulk hair is sewn onto the client’s hair. And slowly this sewn technique could have evolved into the modern-day hair bundles where the hair strands are stitched to form a hair weft.

Are human hair bundles / hair weave still in fashion?

In our humble opinion, we believe that hair weave or hair bundles however we may call was not invented as a single product. Instead, it evolved over the period with enhancements to its structure - just like the evolution of mankind. And so do we reckon that the human hair bundles are going to evolve and last as long as the hair extensions thrive.

Human hair bundles evolution

Below we have documented some of the key products that branched out from the human hair bundles. And it’s interesting to note how hair bundles continue to inspire brand new product constructions even now.

Human Hair Bundles Evolution

Tired of boring hair styles and sew in weave installs? Try the world first VAKA breathable hair weave for your next sew in weave install in the United States. Great Indian Hair combined with the best weft for a more seamless and versatile sew in weave / quick weave installs ever.


What is a Sew in weave?

Sew in weave is one of the techniques for attaching your human hair bundles / hair weave on to your cornrow braids. This technique is more efficient as it gives a complete make over of your client hair yet durable and long lasting. Client’s hair can be masked completely using this technique allowing the human hair bundles to be used as a standalone hair extension.

What more - you can choose between sew in with leave out or sew in with closures. Leave outs use your own hair at the front while closures give more natural coverage for the front part. Both methods are fine and it depends on your preference. 

Is Sew in weave the best method of installing human hair bundles?

If you’re looking for a protective style that will give you the freedom to wear your hair in a variety of styles, a sew in weave with a 6X6 closure is a great option. This type of weave allows you to add length and fullness to your natural hair, while still being able to style it in different ways. In our product page, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to buy hair bundles and install a sew in weave with a 6X6 closure. We will go over what a lace closure is, the benefits of using one, and how to install it. By the end of our product page, you should have all the information you need in order to make a decision on whether or not a sew in weave with a 6x6 lace closure is right for you. It will give you a fair knowledge on flawless lace closure sew in with human hair bundles and how to sew in weft tracks - Quickweave or Sewin weave.

Sew in weave human hair bundles

If you are looking for a more permanent option for your hair extensions, then sew in weave is the way to go. There are many different ways to achieve a sew in, but the most important part is to make sure that you have a good quality hair weave that will last. Whether you are looking for a protective hair style or sew in weave, shop the perfect hair bundles for your sew in with lace closure at Vaka hair.

Choosing the right closures for your sew in weave install with human hair bundles?

There are quite a few options for the lace closures to choose from. First of all is the hair quality and make sure that you know your choice - cuticle rich human hair closures offer much better look and last longer as they do not tangle like the processed human hair closures. And you can choose between 4x4 or 6x6 for the lace area depending on the depth and width of hair line you are looking for. And if you need a hassle free install for your sew in weave bundles with closures, look no further as VAKA hair has a range of hair bundles with closures for your every need. And what not, they are all made of 100% cuticle rich human hair.


Human Hair Bundles FAQs

What is a human hair bundle?

A lock of tresses wefted on to the head part of the hair using sewing machines; the tail part of the hair is let as is. And if the composition of hair is human hair, we call them human hair bundles.

What are clip in hair extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are nothing but on-demand hair weave with clips. Stainless steel clips with 6/7 Teeth attached to the human hair bundle wefts. This allows the buyers to clip In and Clip Out the hair on demand making it one of the easiest hair extensions. Clip in extensions are best suited for volume/length boosting. Unlike sew in hair weave, they cannot be used as a standalone hair extension.

What is a Halo Extension?

Halo extensions evolved from the clip ins where the wefts are arranged in a more dense formation and the stainless steel clips with 6/7 teeth are attached to it. Additionally fishing line is added to the construction for a better grip. Halo extensions are again on-demand volume/length booster. They are flexible but has to be used along with the client’s hair and cannot be used as standalone hair extensions like sew in weave bundles.

What is a Beaded weft?

Beaded weft is a simple makeover of the human hair bundles. Silicone beads are attached to the weft of human hair bundles thereby allowing the stylists to sew in the hair bundle using the beads on the client’s hair.

What is a Ponytail Extension?

Ponytail extensions are meant to provide a ponytail look to your natural hair. The wefts are organised accordingly to give the ponytail look. Few people use just the human hair bundles to achieve this look. While few may prefer a factory made construction for this makeover. Ponytails are available in below two constructions,

Drawstring Ponytails

Ponytails made of human hair bundles in circular laces with a string attached. The string with lace can be attached to the clients hair to give a ponytail makeover

Wraparound ponytails

Ponytails made of human hair bundles with a velcro tape for wraparound is called wraparound ponytails. They give a more secure install.

Seamless PU hair extensions

Seamless PU hair extensions mimic the structure of a hair weft but Polyurethane adhesive is used to bind the hair together. Still they are not as robust and user friendly as a hair bundle with a weft track. The PU adhesive is unbreathable and so it can cause irritation on the scalp. Hair bundles with a weft is preferred choice for continuous wearing.

What is a Lace Front Wig?

Lace front wigs are an adaptation of the sew in weave install of human hair bundles with lace closures onto a wig cap. In short, they offer the best of both worlds - sew in weave and a wig. A Lace front wig offers the robustness of a sew in weave install yet they are elegant and comfortable as a wig. 

Closure wig units

When a lace closure is attached to the front of a wig cap with bundles surrounding the closure till the neckline, it is a lace front wig - closure wig unit.

Frontal wig units

When a lace frontal is attached to the front of a wig cap with bundles surrounding the frontal till the neckline, it is a lace front wig - frontal wig unit.

360 Wigs

In 360 Wigs, the lace covers the entire circumference of the wig cap providing a more natural look just like a full lace wig. Yet the most difficult part of full lace wig which tangles at the top has been eradicated with these 360 wigs. As the bundles are attached to the wig cap top.

VAKA Hair Movie

Here is our tribute to the women behind these human hair extensions right from the source to the manufacturing at VAKA Hair's 100% Women powered factory to the hair entrepreneurs and hair extensions users.


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