"Ever been a victim of bad hair?”

When we did this survey in 2014, more than 60% of the hair buyers did answer YES. And every passing year, the percentage of YES kept on increasing.

NOW ON, don’t be a victim of bad hair. To know how; let's start from the science of hair strand.

The Story of Cuticles:

Every hair strand has transparent cuticle layers forming the outermost part of a hair strand protecting hair shaft. The more healthy and intact the cuticles are, the more shiny and smooth the hair surface is; adding a beautiful luster to the hair.

Looks to be simple but the solution is difficult.. Confused?

Hair Strands’ dia is .04 to .12 mm and a donor may have 120,000 to 150,000 hair strands.

In comparison, a table salt grain / fine beach sand is 2X bigger than a hair strand.

Just procuring the temple hair doesn’t guarantee a cuticle rich final product. We need to make sure all the strands of the final products do have the cuticles intact and unidirectional. Highest level of manufacturing technique is required to ensure this.

The evolution of GOLD Standard in Manufacturing:

And so evolved VAERI ENGINE, the staged manufacturing technique framed by VAERI to deliver cuticle rich high quality Indian Hair in its natural form.

We did not achieve it with a formula. Instead we created one with a blend of raw material, processes and work culture. And it took 6 years of skill, patience, a passionate workforce and continuous improvements to create a defined process and make it work to the perfection.

Our products are a result of multiple iterations through VAERI ENGINE and no wonder it takes a lot of time (in fact years) for us to launch a product that is market ready. 

And The outcome:

Cuticle Rich Indian Temple Hair products with Natural luster restored to the strand level - every time. It takes 21 days for us to make ready to ship hair extensions from the RAW Temple Hair.


VAERI - VAKA Engineering Research & Implementation is an independent line of VAKA hair llc