How a Hair Stylist in the United States is earning a loyal customer base with the help of VAKA hair store?

How a Hair Stylist in the United States is earning a loyal customer base with the help of VAKA hair store?

Being an Hair Stylist and earning a loyal customer base with the help of VAKA hair store

Nightmares on google and yelp reviews!! Butterflies in my stomach every time a customer calls back post installation… by now you know I am a hairstylist. And the worst is I am in NY and it isn't easy to win a good customer base who will stick to you. Not just how skilful I am but the whole installation has to come together like a dish. 

As you may know the weave, closures, frontals or even wigs in good hands can do a magical install but the hair must have a thing in it to make the magic work. When customers ask me to suggest a brand of hair extensions while booking an appointment I am always skeptical. None of the hair brands are true to type. I always have the same answer: HOYC hair of your choice!  The worst is when customers ask if I sell any bundles or closures that are great. YAAA its an idea but where do I find the so called great hair ?! Again the same answer: BHOYC bring hair of your choice! 

I was always on a lookout for a dependable hair extensions brand who can compliment my skills. But it’s like a never ending maze. Then came vaka hair - by a look on it, I had a connect to their products. Everything looks great but still unsure on the quality of hair and most importantly - Are they dependable?? 

Today I completed my 15th installation with these beautiful bundle and closure. Recalling the first purchase, I was nervous to see the quality and hoping it doesn’t turn out to be the same old story with other hair vendors.  

The best part of VAKA is the hair extensions are shipped direct from their factory in India. And all my purchases were shipped direct from India. Every time The texture! The Shine! The Bounce! - no second quality, no dyed hair, it's all virgin and raw Indian hair. Can take heat and style just like a natural hair. I’ve coloured it, straightened it, curled it Never disappointed. 

I never charge extra for the hair extensions but all I want is some true hair that can create magic with my skills which I am damn sure VAKA is doing every-time. Never mind suggesting my customers VAKA hair as few are more choosy and do their own research on the brand before investing. End of day any hair that’s from VAKA is absolutely natural - customer direct purchase or I purchase for the customer..which is why I would say you are dependable! 

Thanks, NYC_FJ

VAKA Thanks:

We are amazed to see the voice of a hair stylist and how we at VAKA hair store can help out. Your story was the talk of our team all thanks to the way it starts! Never thought of this dimension while we were designing and manufacturing our hair extensions. But for sure our meticulous efforts to bring the best quality at the right price has its own customer base from varied segments. As you have pointed out, we make sure to have a light asset model and shipping from our factory in India is one such effort to make things less complex. Also it reduces the cost of our products which we pass on to our customers.

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  • Oceane

    A true confession from the heart of hair stylist. I can feel every bit of it!!

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