• This being a natural texture, we request buyers to handle the hair with extra care. Any minor tangles are not a defect but the nature of the hair.
  • Any Salon grade shampoos and conditioners can be used on our products. 
  • Do gentle brushing. Brush the hair from bottom and gently move to the top.
  • Pre-poo with coconut oil or any natural equivalent gives better results.
  • Natural methods are more preferred for drying the hair - we suggest air drying rather than artificial heating methods. 
  • This is a natural hair and so you may treat it with the same care as you do with your own hair.

All our products are in the purest natural form. The texture/colour/other inherent properties of hair may not be the same across the products. There could be a minor deviation and this is not a defect but a property of 100% natural human hair.

Running through fingers is not the right approach to test the quality of hair. Chemically treated hair with coatings can take the fingers easily. But real Indian Hair may have little shedding regardless of they being wefted or knitted or glued. In Fact, the hair that sheds post everyday combing of Indian Women is the biggest source of hair industry compared with the temple hair. 

We do not trim the ends and they are left natural. If you are particular about thicker ends or concerned about split ends, we suggest choosing an inch higher in your order.